The Cab Yard

The South Wales Loco Cab Preservation Group

The Cab Yard is the home of The South Wales Loco Cab Preservation Group (SWLCPG) Based in a secure yard in Bridgend, with a primary objective of saving, Locomotive Driving Cabs from an uncertain future and the scrap bin. We offer a long term home and the certainty of renovation back to 1970s British Rail Blue with nice yellow end.  So if you know of a loco cab needing a home please let us know or if you would be interested in joining our working parties please contact us you will be welcome.

This group is privately funded and is a hobby for some ex trainspotters from South Wales. If you are offended by us saving these cabs from the scrap bin, please accept our apologies! Please don’t return to this site or look again.

The website will expand to provide a record of Loco Cabs currently in preservation and those that have been scrapped over the years providing a plotted history of each existing cab

Information required

We are always looking for photos of our cabs when in service and we want to know what cabs exist in gardens, in warehouses, storage yards any information will be welcome.

PICTURES ON THIS SITE– There are many pictures on this site that have being published on the internet at some point, we have gained consent to use them where possible, some have been on general display for down load. If you should come across a picture that is your copy right please contact us and it will be removed.